Part Number Description Retail Price
Upholstered 57″  Car Seat Frames (Tri Five Frames and other Same Era Cars)
UL110 57″ Upholstered In Leather 2,825.00
UF/V110 57″ Upholstered In Fabric / Vinyl 2,195.00
Upholstered 52″  Car Seat Frames (Late 40’s to Mid 50’s  Cars)
UL113C Leather 52″ Frame -Car 2,795.00
UF/V113C Fabric / Vinyl  52″ Frame -Car 2,243.00
UL113CSB Leather 52″ Frame Split Back -Car 3,175.00
UF/V113CSB Fabric / Vinyl  52″ Frame Split Back -Car 2,576.00
Pick Ups
Pick Up Bench Seats
Late 50’s (57″) Pick Up Seat
UL109 Leather 57″ Pick Up Bench Seat 2,895.00
UF/V109 Fabric/Vinyl 57″ Pick Up Bench Seat 2,195.00
48 to 55 (52″) Pick Up Bench Seat
UL113 Leather 52” Pick Up Bench Seat 2,795.00
UF/V113 Fabric/Vinyl 52″ Pick Up Bench Seat 2,055.00
Mod U109/52”-57” S116 Style Frame Modification To Bucket Style Backs 300.00
52″ and 57″ Upholstered Bench Seats Options
UL52&57″Series-100% Standard Leather 100% Standard Leather Up Grade 120.00
UL52&57″Series-100% Premium  Leather 100% Premium Leather Up Grade 300.00
UL52&57″Vinyl Up Grade Polyurethane Face Rayon backing 100.00
UL52&57″Ultra Leather Ultra Fabrics –  Ultra Leather 150.00
All of the above seats come with slides and risers
Three point frame backs only come forward to the straight up position